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There are people who think spare the cost of the wedding and entrust their acquaintance with making their wedding film. Nowadays it seems to be very simple to make a video because there are HD camera in every household. On the other hand, we all have scissors too, but sometimes we need a hairdresser. The wedding film is very important, because it is able to recall the day over and over again. The video about the Big Day we make recalls the most precious ‘falling in love’ moments. The couple should enjoy every sparkling moments of this only, non-repeatable ceremony. Due to the camera the married couple can recall this amazing day.

Levi Goda / Budapest

I’m currently the director and cinematographer, photographer at the WeddingRoll. I have been dealing with photography, computer graphics, film shooting for eight years. In 2010 I had an own photoraphy exhibition in Pécs. During my university studies acquired several presentation techniques which mean the drawing, photography, 3d visualization skills. I learned how to use the light consciously, the shadow, the right composition. In 2013 I got my degree in architecture at the University of Pécs. The filmmaking requires a complex vision and stance and I am very passionate about this.

Ani Zemanko / Punta Cana

I started my musical studies in music schools specialised in piano. During my studies I had the opportunity to travel a lot; my journeys I started to appreciate the tiny parts of life that I experienced. The inner experience of music with the wonders of the outside world made me realise that we have to look at our environment from an alternative point of view; the camera eye is a tool to mediate the subjective view. I gained my BA degree in film theory and film history in 2011 at the Department of Visual Culture and Literary Theory at the University of Szeged. In 2013 I got my master’s degree in visual culture studies (specialised in film). In 2013 I entered in National Scientific Students’ Associations Conference and came second in Social Science Section and I have some professional prize.
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