Shakira & Ray

Kukua Restaurant – 2016

We feel so happy and lucky to have filmed and captured Shakira and Ray’s wedding. It was the first time we worked at the breathtakingly beautiful Kukua. The film and the photos were very important to the couple, because some of the guests were not able to be a part of their special day, we felt a very big responsibility to capture every important moment. The couple wanted to have a fresh, dynamic wedding trailer with Felix Jaehn – Ain’t Nobody song. First, I was worried about the music, because we tend to steer clear of using popular musics, but our couple’s style is so important to us and now I really love that song.
Two days after the wedding we made a trash-the-dress photo and video shoot…The conclusion is…it is worth to wake up at early dawn…this dreamy sunrise is unbelievable! 
Their story:
We met when we were 5-years-old in our Kindergarten Class. Ms. Follett was our Kindergarten Teacher. Every morning, a different student would be responsible for taking the attendance sheet to the office. This student would then have to pick an “attendance buddy” to go with them. Ray lives by the statement that he asked Shakira to be his buddy, but she said “no”. If anyone has ever asked Ray how we met, he also tells them that Shakira is the first girl he ever laid eyes on, and he always had a crush on her. His brothers and friends can attest to this because they always made fun of him for it.
We remained childhood friends, attending the same elementary school and middle school (Fairwind Senior Public School). During middle school, Ray would always bring the best snacks to school – Jalapeno Chips, M&M’s, Skittles – because he knew that Shakira would ask for some. He figured out very early that food was the way to her heart, lol!
We went to different high schools – Ray went to St. Francis Xavier and Shakira to Applewood Heights. But despite going to different schools, we remained best friends. It was in Grade 10 when Ray had the courage to ask Shakira out. We had gone to the movies with some friends, and it was there where Ray asked Shakira to be his girlfriend. We were standing in the corridor of the movie theatre and Ray asked Shakira “where do we stand now?”. Shakira, being herself naturally replied “by a door” with a smirk on her face. It was her way of saying “yes”, she would love to be his girlfriend. After that day, the rest has been history.


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